Made in Singapore: pop up event

Carmen went to the Made in SG pop up event last weekend, which was

a) a bit different, and

b) frickin cool that there is actually stuff made in SG that is all of top notch quality and not looking like some dodgy half finished DIY project.


The popup was held at the National Design Centre, which is a pretty cool space.IMG_1406

First up there was TINKR. They own a 3D printer, and these necklaces below were printed out by using that printer and resin ( which is so amazing!). Love the bright pink one in the middle – so 80’s inspired!IMG_1410

Before you start picking your jaw from the ground at the thought of accessories being PRINTABLE (Carmen and Natasha are already thinking up designs in their heads!), check out these 3D PEOPLE created below! TINKR takes one of your photos and creates a realistic 3D printed mini statue of you, and then hand paints them so they look realistic! Absolutely amazing, and all created in SG. IMG_1411

Then we move on to Forest Child. They create custom made leather goods – how great are those hanging totes! IMG_1412

Loving this notebook below by Forest Child.IMG_1414

It was so great to see true artisans in action creating really good quality (and much loved) pieces. IMG_1419


One of the stalls were selling these cute little “eggshell” inspired ceramics with real plant inside (it’s not technically a moss, but it sure as heck looks like it!).IMG_1413Cool custom tees below created by Because Because.
IMG_1418A nice feature of this pop up were these boards below, which gave you some context to what each stall created and an insight into the product creating process. 
IMG_1420 IMG_1421

Cool cards below created using handmade stamps and vintage Singaporean advertisements. Very cool. IMG_1422 The J. Myers company below was really popular with gorgeous fabrics and old world charm. IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426

The stall below named Parasolbag was really clever. They create hand made bags of different sizes using the off-cut materials from parasols/ outdoor umbrellas that anyone with a balcony and direct sunlight in SG desperately needs! Such a clever idea and the quality was amazing. You can custom make your bag in terms of size, colours and shape. Oh, and they are reversible AND waterproof!!

Carmen ordered one of these so will blog once she receives it (takes 2 weeks to create).


Which colours would you choose to create your bag (one colour for inside, one for outside, but remember – they are reversible!). It took Carmen a while to make a decision. IMG_1428 There were also workshops held in conjunction with the event. Carmen witnessed just how difficult it is to create ceramics on the wheel (but also seemed like great fun!).IMG_1430

It seemed that this popup was a great success. Let’s hope they continue to create more of these events in SG!


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