Top 7 picks – ZARA printed tops and white denim

So here’s the thing. We don’t really know the difference when it comes to buying things we need, as opposed to the things we want. But last night was a rare exception, when Natasha felt an overwhelming strength of self-restraint and promised herself she wouldn’t buy anything when she casually sauntered into ZARA at ION Orchard.

This time, we decided to pick out our top 7 picks for ZARA’s printed tops to be paired with white denim. Lets be clear, we’re one of those people who always aspire to wear white denim without spilling anything, but of course the truth is far from our aspiration.

The first top is one of Natasha’s favorites! What’s not to love? The color combo is to die for, the cut is so unusual and edgy and it’s perfect against the white denim. This top is the most expensive out of all the others at SGD79.90.


The next sweatshirt-ish top is an interesting one and it got our attention because of the cut and the visual. It’s super comfy, but to be honest the fabric is a tad disappointing and felt a bit on the cheap side. Now we don’t mind buying cheap things, but they need not look or feel it, right? Definitely not worth SGD59.90.


The next one down the list is this gorgeous top and perfect to wear if you’re planning on eating a lot of food for lunch or dinner (or both! we’re not judging), because it’s loose and can hide the food bulge. 🙂 Pricewise, it’s not so bad at all at SGD59.90.


We love this top. Again, the bold colors look awesome against the white denim. And it has quite a sheer back, perfect for Singapore’s crazy hot weather lately. This one costs SGD59.90.


The white top below is a different version of the grey one before. Natasha kinda likes this one better, and for some reason the fabric feels like it’s a better quality. This top costs SGD59.90.


How pretty is the peplum top below! Natasha had to chant the mantra ‘put it back on the rack, put it back now and walk away’ over and over again. It’s so pretty and you can wear this to work, just pair it with a black pencil skirt, or a pink one if you want to be more bold! The best part? It’s only SGD35.90!


The final pick is definitely another one of our favorites! Super comfy, light fabric and interesting print. Perfect for weekend brunch outfit. Affordable at SGD49.90.



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