Spotlight on Shopping in Chapel Street, Melbourne Part 2: Peter Alexander

IMG_7334So when we have the opportunity to go shopping on Chapel Street, Melbourne, the other must-see shop is the one and only Peter Alexander. There’s something about the shop that draws people to enter and experience the brand. Starting from the adorable dachshund dog handle, which by the way was inspired by Penelope, Peter Alexander’s dog, to the beautiful scent of burning Glasshouse candle permeating the store, and the cozy store lighting which makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (especially when it’s freezing outside!).

Natasha absolutely adores Peter Alexander sleepwear, it’s affordable, good quality and downright comfy. There’s a big range from slouchy pyjama pants or shorts, to something more sexy. Oh and it has a men’s section, as well as babies and kids. It’s hard to go in and not buy anything, which seems to be Carmen and Natasha’s recurring problem. Ehem…IMG_7333


IMG_7352For all of the diehard Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans out there – there are some really cute selections (even though we’re not big on Mickey and Minnie).

IMG_7338These legwarmers are super adorable! And trust us, when you go to Melbourne during winter, you will appreciate these babies keeping your legs warm while you walk around your house.

IMG_7351 IMG_7350Natasha was obsessed with the glittery UGG-like boots below and nearly bought them until a voice of reason told her to put it down and reminded her that the last time we checked, the ‘coldest’ Singapore gets is 25 degrees Celsius!

IMG_7348We love the PJ pants below with the rose pattern and the initial PA embroidered on it. And again, they’re super soft and comfy, perfect to bum around on lazy weekends.IMG_7347And check out the cute hot water bottles below! These would make excellent gifts for those of you who have friends living in countries with colder climate.

IMG_7346Here’s a look at some of the men’s selection. How cute is the shorts with the hot dog pattern!

IMG_7344And here’s a look at part of the baby and kids corner. The patterns are just adorable and there are a lot of options to choose from!

IMG_7340And last but not least, the super adorable paperbag with Penelope the Dachshund on it. How can you not love the paperbag! And just in case you’re wondering, that is not Natasha’s hairy arm. Her dear husband kindly posed as the arm model for this blog. 🙂IMG_7360So there you have it! Peter Alexander has several shops around Australia, and most likely there’s one in every major mall so be on the lookout for it.


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