UK’s Collection Cosmetics – Carmen and Natasha’s review

20140506-184242.jpgWe always get excited when a new product comes into town, especially ones from UK. So when we received a COLLECTION sample box, full of new goodies, we couldn’t help but act like little girls opening a present on Christmas day!

So we decided to pick and choose which products we want to review (independently of course), which took about 3 seconds, because we know each other so well sometimes it’s scary! From a packaging point of view, at a glance the products have a very ‘youthful’ and ‘fun’ feel to it. Pricewise, the products are super affordable, starting from SGD10 and above.

20140506-095715.jpgSo Natasha’s chosen goodies can be seen in the picture below: (left to right)

Bright & Glow BB Cream SGD16.90, Lasting Perfection Concealer SGD14.90, Extreme Lengthening Mascara SGD16.90, Volume Sensation Lipstick in Ruby Red SGD9.90, Cream Puff Lip Cream SGD12.50, Volume Sensation Lipstick in Passionfruit SGD9.90.  20140506-095735.jpgSo then came the hard part for Natasha, trying on the makeup 🙂 The BB Cream glided on quite nicely, but not as silky as she wanted it to be. The concealer, on the other hand, was great because it provides coverage without being too pasty. Natasha is a big mascara person, and she was a tad disappointed with the mascara because it didn’t really give her the volume and length she wanted. She absolutely loves the lipstick though in ruby red! It’s creamy and glides on smoothly and the color, oh the color! 20140506-183815.jpgNatasha tried on the Cream Puff Lip Cream, which had a matte finish.  It dries out very quickly from a creamy texture to matte and it actually looks really nice on its own or as a ‘neutralizer’ if you want to layer it with a brighter lipstick.

20140506-184256.jpgNatasha is a fan of the passionfruit lipstick because it suits warmer skin tones really well. It’s perfect for spring/summer! Wait, it’s spring/summer everyday in Singapore. 20140506-190806.jpg

Carmen tried out the trio eyeshadow palette, the lip stain and the lip gloss. Unfortunately the “Bright and Glow” compact foundation and illuminating brightening concealer were not the right shades for Carmen’s skin tone, so we had to omit these for review.


The “Work the Colour” eyeshadow palette came with two powder eyeshadows and a cream to be used a base or to highlight.

The cream (on the right below) didn’t really show up on Carmen’s skin tone as a highlight, but the gold eyeshadows were fun and provided a subtle golden shimmer (especially the middle eyeshadow).


The bright gold eyeshadow colour is shown below left (which has more of a glittery look), and the darker gold is shown below right.
BeFunky_IMG_2551.jpgCarmen also tried out the “Colour pout” lip stain shown below. The colour came out as a fun bright red and was lightweight, although Carmen wasn’t a huge fan of the “marker” smell which also had a “berry” scent. The colour coverage however was amazing, and very easy to apply. 

BeFunky_null_2.jpgCarmen also tried out the Hotlights lipgloss – this shade below was called “Shine” . We’ve never seen anything like this before – lights were placed inside the lid so when you open the gloss the applicator tip will light up! Such a clever idea, and we can imagine in a dimly lit bathroom or club this would be perfect so you can see exactly where you are applying the gloss! Loved this little feature.


BeFunky_null_13.jpgThe gloss itself was slightly sticky (although not too bad) – you can see how the pen really lights up your face whilst applying! It’s nice to apply the gloss on top of the Colour Pout lip stain, as shown below.


So there you have it – Carmen and Natasha’a independent review of Collection cosmetics!  Overall, our top picks from the makeup tested were the lipsticks and lipgloss (bonus points  allocated for the lights in the lid!).





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