Marc Jacobs makeup event in Singapore + review

BeFunky_null_7.jpgCarmen was recently invited to an exclusive private viewing of the Marc Jacobs makeup range at Sephora! Sam.M, a talented makeup artist based in Singapore (pictured above), was demonstrating the range with a live tutorial behind closed doors at the Sephora Ngee Ann City store.


Sam.M. provided great tips on how to apply the makeup effectively to ensure maximum coverage and especially in the Singapore humidity (which is so awesome – all brands should do this!).

So now onto reviewing the makeup. The packaging was very pretty and felt sturdy – no corners were cut here. It was super cute how all the little compacts looked like a mini clutch bag. Here is a blush compact below:

BeFunky_IMG_2385.jpgAnd here is inside the very cute blush compact!

BeFunky_IMG_2384.jpgThe other rouge colours  are shown below -they certainly have some brights in their current range!

BeFunky_IMG_2399.jpgLittle eyeshadow compacts below. If you are a sucker for cute packaging, then you should check these out!!

BeFunky_IMG_2380.jpgWe definitely prefer the longer (and let’s face it, more convenient) eyeshadow palettes below. Yes they are more expensive then just buying a couple of colours, but it sure does beat having 7 individual eyeshadow palettes (which we can already see getting lost, and who has time to open 7 different compacts?!

When closed they look like a super long clutch! It’s also great that mirrors are included in these compacts (which we think should be mandatory across all eyeshadow brands!) and the colour combinations mean you can create some gorgeous looks!BeFunky_IMG_2379.jpg“The vamp” eyeshadow palette below is also pretty cool and massively versatile! These two eyeshadow palettes were Carmen’s top picks in the eyeshadow range.

BeFunky_IMG_2396.jpgHere are the nail polishes below. The packaging is super cute, but we must admit that the purple nail polish at the front looks better in the bottle then on the nail.

BeFunky_null_8.jpgThis is after three coatings and you can see it is still a little too watery for our liking. BeFunky_IMG_2440.jpgBut we really love the iridescent blackened green colour below called Sally – this was very popular! Not too many coatings required, and you can see the difference between the green and purple immediately! GORGEOUS colour – full marks for this one Marc Jacobs! BeFunky_nul120l_2.jpgAnd now onto their lip glosses: here is a picture of their packaging below. As soon as you open the lid the lip gloss stick pushes itself out, which is pretty cool. BeFunky_IMG_2392.jpgHere are some more colours in their lip gloss range below: BeFunky_IMG_2394.jpg

So Carmen tried a pretty crazy colour called “Truth or Dare”. Simply because of the name, not the colour!

The lip gloss itself gives you amazing colour as soon as you apply it, unlike a lot of lip glosses out there which just look like you have applied a clear gloss! Be warned the glosses do have a serious peppermint feel to them and they are sticky. But if you are a sticky lip gloss fan, we can imagine you would love these! befunky_artwork3.jpgAnd now onto the lipsticks:
BeFunky_null_166.jpgAgain, gorgeous packaging and there is a HUGE variety of colours to choose from here! Carmen liked the lipsticks the most out of everything in the Marc Jacobs range, as they provide great colour coverage whilst also feeling more like a lip balm – so lovely!

Again, colours that were tested were chosen pretty much because of the names (yes, we can be shallow like that sometimes!).  The colour “Happy Endings” sounded pretty funny, and was Carmen’s favourite – such a perfect colour for Singapore!

befunky_artwork.jpgAnd here is “Little Pretty”. A little too dark for Carmen’s liking, but again these lippy’s DO feel amazing when applied! On the flip side they are also super easy to remove, so we can imagine that you would have to reapply quite often.

befunky_artwork2.jpgCarmen asked Sam.M. to name her favourite product in the Marc Jacobs range… And the winner is…..

BeFunky_null_1.jpgThe concealer! Sam.M is a big fan of the coverage provided and mentioned that what really sets this concealer apart from other brands was the applicator tip as shown below. BeFunky_IMG_2434.jpgSo there you have it! You can find Marc Jacobs makeup at all Sephora stores in Singapore. BeFunky_IMG_2393.jpg


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