When life gives you lemons, do what Kate Spade does and make a fashion statement out of it!

20140525-152516.jpgNatasha went to the Amalfi coast two years ago and fell head over heels in love with everything that is Amalfi – the picture above was taken in the town of Positano, one of her favorite places in the world!

If there’s one thing the Amalfians (yes, that’s a made-up word) are obsessed about, it would undoubtedly be lemon. You can see it, you can taste it (did someone say Limoncello?), you can smell it in the air. Let the pictures below be the proof!


20140525-152536.jpgAnd here’s a picture of Natasha, well-camouflaged amidst all things lemon thanks to her floral ZARA pants.

20140603-224252-81772943.jpgNow we’re both huge fans of Kate Spade and were beyond excited to see how Kate Spade was just as obsessed with lemons and Amalfi by the looks of her Spring collection. We love the display at Kate Spade’s ION Orchard store! We want everything on that table – where should we start – the hat, bag, Bambini bag, the shoes, cardigan, scarf, EVERYTHING!20140530-214908.jpgKate Spade, why are your bags always so darn cute!20140525-152548.jpg

20140530-214919.jpgAhhh the Fiat Bambino, quintessentially Italian.  This bag might be a bit tricky to carry, but it would make the cutest home decoration!

20140525-152556.jpgSome people think this lemon-shaped bag is a tad too much, but we don’t think so! How cute would it look with a summer dress or even capri pants and cute flats!20140525-152603.jpgWe adore the straw bag below and the camera bag – soooo cute!!20140525-152610.jpgHow cute is the bag and matching flip flops? Perfect for a weekend stroll! 20140525-152617.jpg

20140525-152625.jpgWe think the lemon collection makes a perfect addition to our summer wardrobe, but you have to be quick, their bags are selling out very quickly! Psssst.. Just a quick tip, if the Kate Spade stores run out of your shoe size, you can try your luck at Robinsons on Orchard because they sell Keds for Kate Spade shoes there. 🙂




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