Nine West, we love your summer sandals!

We’ve always loved Nine West, it’s affordable and comfy! Their neutral colored pumps are perfect for any girl’s shoe closet (we have a few pairs lying around in ours).

As Natasha wondered around Raffles City, her eyes were drawn towards these amaze balls beauties. How gorgeous are these sandals?! We want it in every color please! They’re Nine West’s limited edition collection – heck we don’t care what collection they fall under – they’re so darn beautiful! Pricewise? A tad steep for Nine West at SGD228, but we like to think they’re worth it. One must always try to justify one’s purchase to oneself. *sheepish smile*

20140530-120404.jpgAnd check these sandals below! Again – GORGEOUS!! And we think the gold tip is a nice touch as well, especially if you’re a klutzy girl like we are and trip over just about anything. The gold tip will protect your sandals from chipping (cringe-worthy trip moments are not meant to be shared in this forum. Yes, some of them were very embarrassing!).



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