What Women Want really knows what women want

One hot and humid afternoon, Carmen and Natasha decided to cool down in Mandarin Gallery (note: ‘cool down’ is one of many Carmen and Natasha’s excuses to window shop, which often translates into a oh-oops-I-did-it-again-how-did-that-dress-end-up-in-the-paperbag-that-I’m-holding moment). Casually sauntering the corridors of Mandarin Gallery, we stumbled upon a shop, which is aptly called What Women Want. After a quick ‘awww, that’s such a cute name for a shop babe!’ remark, we went in to check it out. And boy, were we shocked by how many cute pieces there are in this gorgeous shop! Special thanks to the shop owner, Anna, a beautiful Brazilian woman (but then again, we haven’t really met a Brazilian woman who is NOT beautiful) and Penny, a lovely Melburnian who was very patient while we were mucking around trying clothes on!


What Women Want stocks many many many delightful things that we, and most women, want. Think gorgeous statement necklaces, funky looking shoes, amazeballs dresses and clothes in general, cute sunglasses and lots and lots of beautiful jewelry. Pricewise, very affordable! Some pieces are a bit on the steep side, but we reckon they’re totally worth the price because of its unique design and high quality. The shop stocks items from around the world, from Beirut, Australia to Thailand!


20140707-125736-46656864.jpgNow do you believe us when we say the shop stocks a lot gorgeous jewelry?20140701-191505-69305294.jpgOne of our favorite corners in the shop – the clearance table! 🙂

Unlike some shops, the clearance table in What Women Want actually has many cute things on it. Natasha loves the white chain necklace with lots of zipper charms on it and the necklace made up of matchsticks. And the shoes! THE SHOES! They’re SGD70 and some of them are very Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City.




Natasha’s first outfit pick is a sequined short skirt, which also comes in yellow, with a see-through white sweater which is just to die for, plus a statement necklace that screams rock and roll without being too overpowering.


Here’s a close-up of the necklace! We LOVE it!


The shoes were surprisingly comfy, and Natasha managed not to trip over nothing and fall – it has happened several times. In public. In front of many people. *sheepish look*  befunky_artwork.jpg

We spotted this gorgeous little beauty tucked quietly in the corner of one of the shelves and decided that it would complete this look perfectly! What’s not to love about it? Its unusual and pretty at the same time.




The next outfit selection is Natasha’s favorite! The high waist full skirt is absolutely gorgeous and goes perfectly well with the cropped sequin top. We think a nicely tailored black shirt would go really well for this outfit too!

IMG_3501We’re totally enamored by this yummy clutch by a Thai designer. It’s quite steep at SGD500, but we must say the quality is absolutely amazing. Natasha chose a wristcandy to go with the outfit to spice it up a little.IMG_3503

The wedges, oh the wedges! They’re super comfy, although we wouldn’t recommend you to run in them to catch a bus, taxi, MRT, or any moving and living object for that matter (that’s right, don’t wear these babies while walking your dog). IMG_3504

How beautiful is the necklace below! Natasha’s not a big fan of yellow gold, but somehow this combo works. And come on, who doesn’t like tassels on a necklace? We sure do!


This necklace and the dress below goes perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, salted caramel and popcorn, Carmen and Natasha. Awww… 🙂


And check out this ring below! How amazeballs is it?! It comes in silver and black as well, but we really dig the rose gold (we have a picture of it somewhere below)IMG_3512

The dress below is 50% off, which brings it down to SGD200. The detailing is exquisite and amazing and it comes in black as well. We’re totally in love with the clutch. Simplicity at its absolute best, we reckon.


You don’t want to go cray cray with the accessories, for obvious reasons. We think a clutch, a simple ring and a pair of drop down earrings polish off the look really well. IMG_3521Here’s a close-up picture of the ring we previously mentioned – Natasha’s a fan of the drop down earrings!


Below is a selection of the accessories and clothes Carmen had picked out. How out-of-this-world is her bling bling dress? It has a 1920’s the Great Gatsby feel combined with 80’s glamor – think Studio 54! Check out the stack rings, how awesome does it look? And don’t get us started on the disco ball clutch on the right, with a hint of Alexander McQueen. Love!


Et voila! Front view of Carmen’s kickass dress and take a closer look at the earrings, they’re by a Beirut-based designer. We love to add an element of surprise to our outfit, which is exactly what Carmen did with the leopard print shoes. Being safe is so passé, so we tend to inject our personality and authenticity into our style.


How divine is the whole outfit ensemble below? The shoes – very SJP – goes so well with the pretty skirt and we love the studs earrings which are so simple yet versatile. We’re head over heels with the heels. So much so that we’re kinda regretting not buying it (while casually checking our phone agenda to see if we can quickly make a quick detour to the shop tomorrow. Ahem.. )


We totally love this picture below, although we got a few stares while trying to get the best shot. The dress didn’t really stand out on the rack, but Carmen decided to give it a chance and it looked amazing on! It’s very feminine and princess-like without looking too much like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.


We chose this necklace to jazz the dress up a little. Carmen loves it because it’s dainty with a bit of edge, the triangle really makes this necklace pop.

20140702-231716-83836011.jpgWe must admit we’re not huge fans of jumpsuits, they can either go wrong or very wrong. The legs are often too long, too short, the torso part is too out of proportion, you get the idea. This one, however, was surprisingly the perfect fit. We like the neon yellow stripes down the legs against the cream base color. And how cute is the huge bow on the collar?! Carmen picked a pair of green Valentino rockstud-like shoes to break the colors up a bit.


Next time you’re wandering around Mandarin Gallery after a coffee session with your girlfriends or a nice brunch on a weekend, or simply to ‘cool down’ like Carmen and Natasha, be sure to pop by this cute little shop and be prepared to walk out with a little something (or a big something).

#02-22 Mandarin Gallery, 333 Orchard Rd


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