Sassy Singapore and Kate Spade unveiled Fall Season’s Tokyo and Shanghai Collection!


When we found out that Sassy Singapore is teaming up with Kate Spade to unveil the brand new Fall collection, we were beyond excited. When we found out the new Fall collection is Asia-inspired, we were excited beyond belief, especially when Kate Spade picked out two of Asia’s coolest cities to be her inspiration, Tokyo and Shanghai! Such a nice shift from last season’s Italy-inspired summer collection.

As many of our darling readers may already know, Carmen and Natasha have been teaming up with our friends at Sassy Singapore to review a bunch of things around Singapore and being humongous fans of Kate Spade, there’s nothing better than going to an event that combines both!

Here’s Natasha with the sassy girls from the Sassy team. Unfortunately Carmen isn’t in the picture, because she’s currently having the time of her life traveling through Scandinavia for a month, so Natasha has to hold the fort.IMG_9740.PNG

Poppy Skinner, Sassy Singapore’s Editor, gave useful fashion tips on how to mix and match this season’s pieces. How cute is her statement neck candy?! Natasha’s loving her loafers, too. Whoever says that black outfits are boring need to go on a little accessories treasure hunt!


We’re swooning over the cobalt blue leopard print from the Tokyo collection. Natasha has her eyes on the Keds and cute cat bag and the bamboo green sling bag. Okay she has her eyes on many many things and can you blame her?


How gorge is this clutch below?! Such a standout piece and perfect to jazz up a black LBD.



IMG_9759.JPGUnlike the Tokyo collection, which is more on the fun and flirty side, the Shanghai collection has more of a luxurious, sexy, yet festive feel to it with its deep cherry red and black and white color pallette.

Natasha was busy trying to gain her momentarily lost composure the moment she laid her eyes on the gorgeous Chinese takeaway box bag. How. Amazing. Is. It. sigh…..


Okay so it’s not just the Chinese takeaway box that’s super cute, the bird cage bag is equally gorgeous! Why do you have to have such cute stuff Kate Spade? Why!!!


As if the drool-worthy bags weren’t torturous enough, check out these amaze balls shoes below! There’s something sentimental and timeless about Mary Janes, especially these burgundy ones below. The black ribbon really completes the look!


Natasha is a massive fan of the color coral, so she’s super duper happy to see so many coral-colored items in store.







Natasha found a whole bunch of goodies from Benefits makeup, as well as a nifty voucher from Prep blow dry bar in the goody bag and she loved this cute (not to mention yummy!) little fortune cookie – how cute is the Kate Spade takeaway container by the way?!




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