Hansel Fairy Lights Collection is a good remnder that the holiday season is near!

IMG_0081.PNGCarmen and Natasha are big supporters of local talent in this island we call home. For now. (the ‘for now’ part is very important, because being expats we never know where we’ll end up by the time we finish writing this blog.)

We’re particularly big fans of Jo Soh’s work, the creative genius behind the successful local brand Hansel (which, by the way, is the name of her dog). We were super excited when she personally invited us to a preview of her Fairy Lights collection at her boutique on the second floor of Mandarin Gallery.

IMG_0011.JPGJo’s inspiration came from these pretty fairy lights, which typically symbolizes festivity and happy occasion.

IMG_0092.PNGCheck out 3 of her fairy lights design, which she turned into different designs; coil, string and fairy light.

IMG_0086.PNGHere’s Natasha with Jo Soh, unfortunately Carmen is still in Europe so she missed out on this awesome opportunity to meet one of her favorite Asian designers.


IMG_0094.PNGBeing a former Textile Design student herself, Natasha appreciates the technique of transferring a design onto the chosen fabric. Jo uses bamboo quill and Indian ink as her medium, because she loves the organic imperfection it achieves through the squiggles that are all of different width. She then does repeats to make a pattern of her scribbles, which is digitally printed onto fabric, which for this collection, Jo has chosen cotton rayon and polyester.

The cool thing about these fabrics is that they’re durable and low maintenance, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine and it even requires minimal ironing! Perfect for traveling – which is why Carmen decided to pack her beloved HDB print dress from Jo’s previous collection on her trip around Scandinavia.

IMG_0095.PNGBeing a huge fan of bright colors, this design is definitely Natasha’s favorite! Especially the maxidress below. It’s so pretty!


IMG_0082.PNGThis is Natasha’s second favorite design. It’s simple, but far from boring!

IMG_0083.PNGLook at how intricately and perfectly stitched the black threads are and also the ‘lightbulb’. It’s the small details that make a great design!

IMG_0091.PNGThe monochrome design is super versatile, because you can dress it up or down and definitely wearable to the office.

IMG_0085.PNGHow gorgeous is this bow accent on the puffy skirt. Pair this skirt with a bright colored shirt and wear it to work or throw on a T-shirt and a pair of cute ballerina flats to complete the look, perfect for a weekend stroll!


Hansel boutique:

02-14 Mandarin Gallery 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 2388867 | Tel:+65 6836 5367




One thought on “Hansel Fairy Lights Collection is a good remnder that the holiday season is near!

  1. Hi Carmen & Natasha,

    Hope this finds you well.

    A couple of years ago, you did a write up on Shiva Designs. We have since moved into a livery studio space in my new house and have lots if new products and labels in.

    Would love for you to pop in and have a look!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,

    Rima Shrivastava

    Creative Director Shiva Designs Bespoke rima@shiva-designs.com +65 91846049 http://www.shivadesignsbespoke.com


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