We’re definitely enchanted by Alice + Olivia’s “Enchanted: A Midwinter Night’s Dream”

IMG_0278.JPG As some of you may still remember, we did an extensive spotlight on Alice + Olivia a few months ago, where we basically had the time of our lives playing dress-up in their ION Orchard boutique. Needless to say, we adore A+O, so you can imagine how excited we were when we got an invitation to take a peak at A+O’s Fall 2014 collection from Juliana, A+O’s MarComm lady. Thank you Juliana!! The theme for this year’s Fall collection is “Enchanted: A Midwinter Night’s Dream”, and boy oh boy how super enchanted we were indeed. The kind of ‘enchanted’ that may very well send us broke, because there are so many enchanting items. Sigh, it’s so hard being a girl. IMG_0274.JPG Again, Carmen had to miss out on all the fun because she’s currently somewhere in Denmark, enjoying some ‘hygge’ time (if you don’t know what ‘hygge’ means, look it up!). Natasha had to do the hard work, snapping pictures, getting lost in the world of A+O. So let’s take you through A+O’s delicious collection, shall we? IMG_0553-0.PNG IMG_0535.PNG Natasha is IN LOVE with this clutch. How absolutely cute is this clutch! It’s fun and flirty without looking too childish and gimmicky. A girl can never have a diamond too darn big, that’s what we like to think. 🙂 It’s a sizable size, too, so you can put more than just your lipgloss and iPhone! That’s the thing about Stacy, she’s a woman and a mother, and she knows a woman needs more space to put her things in a clutch! IMG_0533.PNG This butterfly print is a signature in the Enchanted collection, which uses a lot of brocade, embellishment and lace. Three of Natasha’s favorite things! The clothes just look so luxurious and glamorous, with a touch of sophistication and mystery thrown in the mix.  IMG_0661.PNG As you can see, the butterfly design is carried throughout the collection, including this absolutely gorgeous asymmetrical skirt below and the shoes further down in the picture. LOVE!!!!!!!! IMG_0537.PNG IMG_0536.PNG Now on to shoes, Natasha really likes these cute number with pom poms on it. She typically doesn’t like things that are too cutesy, but this time these cuties below really caught her attention! Perfect with jeans a nice silky top. Stick to more simple silhouettes and color, preferably nothing too busy, so you don’t distract the attention away from the shoes. IMG_0539.PNG These flats come in high heels as well and they’re just too cute for words. LBD would look amaze balls with the shoes, and throw on a big chunky pearl necklace and one of those Jackie O sunnies and off you go!IMG_0540The cardigans, oh the cardigans!! Who says cardigans have to be boring? Stacey certainly thinks they need not be AND she makes unicorns look trendy and not childish. That’s the thing with A+O, the designs are fun and whimsical, it brings out the fun in all us, yet in a tasteful way. Natasha was never that big on unicorns growing up, but she is now, thanks to Stacey! IMG_0542.PNG Look, it’s Stacey’s signature glasses on a otherwise boring grey cardi! This would go perfectly with a pair of skinny dark denim or wear it to work by switching the jeans to black capri pants. instead of wearing the cardi, throw it on your shoulder for that effortless look. IMG_0544.PNG This is probably Natasha’s favorite cardi – it’s a toss-up between this and that godforsaken gorge unicorn cardi. What’s so good about it? Well, you can detach the Peter Pan collar and it becomes a more simple and classic jumper. How versatile is that? This jumper is perfect for traveling. It’s simple and versatile without being boring. IMG_0543.PNG Here’s a snap shot of the uber pretty and friendly model, Marija Shatilo. Of course if you have legs as long as Marija, these boots would look amazing with a super short A-line skirt such as the one she’s wearing. IMG_0541.PNG  As we mentioned before, A+O’s Enchanted collection plays with a lot of texture in the fabric add the richness and depth of color can be seen throughout the collection. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea. IMG_0545.PNG IMG_0549-0.PNG   Look at the intricate embellishment on this dress! It’s breath taking (and heavy) and just simply one-of-a-kind. IMG_0548-0.PNG IMG_0547-0.PNG   This is definitely one of Natasha’s favorite dresses. The contrast stitching and design creates such an impact! IMG_0546-0.PNG IMG_0550-0.PNG  If full beading ain’t your thing then you might want to stick to something more simple and demure such as this beauty in the picture below. With subtle beads around the neckline, this dress is so pretty and feminine. IMG_0551-0.PNG   IMG_0552-0.PNG   Before Natasha made her way out of the store, her sweet tooth instinct told her to turn her gaze to one particular spot in the store and voila! It’s Stacey’s face on cake pops! How cute are they 🙂 IMG_0557.PNG   Here’s Natasha with the gorgeous bouquet of flowers from The beauty candy Apothecary, a cute little shop at Cluny Court owned by a super stylish Indonesian mama called Astri (they also supplied some yummy Fresh Pressed juice at the event). Flowers always bring a smile to any girl’s face. IMG_0377.PNG IMG_0531.PNG   IMG_0350.JPG


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