UK’s Neal’s Yard Remedies products are organic AND ethical


Carmen and Natasha are big on organic stuff, especially beauty products! So when we got an invitation for an exclusive tour around Neal’s Yard Remedies’ brandspankingnew store at Millenia Walk, Natasha jumped at the opportunity to learn more about UK’s largest organic skincare retailer. She was welcomed by the super friendly Janice Chew, who is responsible for bringing this awesome brand to Singapore. Passionate and insightful, Janice gave Natasha the lowdown on the brand and its products.

NYR Interior 2

The store features a ‘most loved by you’ section, which is always handy especially if you’re not too familiar with the brand its products yet. Oh and behind a wall near the cash register, you can find a neatly tucked treatment room.


Here’s the awesome part about this UK brand, not only are the products certified organic, but the company itself solemnly believes in doing business ethically, which is super important in this day and age, when there’s a heightened sense of awareness from the consumers regarding this issue. Carmen and Natasha, for instance, will never buy products that were tested on animals! Or products from a company involved in malpractice of labor. So Neal’s Yard Remedies definitely scored brownie points on that regard.



The Frankincense line is Neal’s Yard Remedies’ most popular and famous range. Not only does it feel amazeballs, but it smells so divine! Neal’s Yard Remedies also sells tea (organic of course!!) and health supplements, Oh, and they have an extensive selection of products for mums and bubs.


As the name suggests, customers can create their own body wash, bath oil, body lotion and massage oil. How cool is that! You know how you sometimes take a whiff of a product and think to yourself ‘it smells great, but there’s something I don’t like the smell of’, well fret not because you can actually customize a scent that is uniquely you. Yay!


What’s a product without pretty packaging? That’s certainly what we think! Check out the gorgeous wild rose packaging below, commemorating NYR’s 10th anniversary. Love!


 Natasha can’t wait to try the product samples at home and the best part is that they’re all travel size, so she can really put the products to the test when she’s flying – which, as we all know, is when your skin dries out the most!


Here’s a closer look at what’s inside Neal’s Yard Remedies’ box of goodies! Natasha decided to buy the Garden Mint and Bergamot hand lotion, she’s such a sucker for anything and everything that reminds her of being in a spa in Phuket or Bali or some other tropical paradise. Sigh….


So next time you’re wandering around aimlessly at Millenia Walk, make sure you pay a visit to this beautifully decorated shop. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable! And most importantly, the products are very reasonably priced, considering they’re certified organic.


Neal’s Yard Remedies, Millenia Walk #01-75


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