Looking for gift ideas? The Kase at ION is a good place to start.


Every year Carmen and Natasha always aspire to be organized Christmas shoppers. “Must not procrastinate, must beat the Christmas rush, must go Christmas shopping early” – we chant the same mantra every year, but of course always fail to actually execute our grand plan.

Soooo this year, we’re on the hunt to find great gift ideas for our loved ones. We were thrilled when we found The Kase, a French international mobile phone and tablet accessories brand that was launched in 2012.

It’s a small store located at B2 of ION Orchard, but it really packs a punch. Natasha was there for nearly an hour looking at all the case options – there’s definitely no shortage of options! Pricewise, really reasonable, depending on whether you want to get a customized case or not. The ones for iPhone 6 are SGD49.90, but they’re really worth it if you’re thinking of birthday or Christmas gifts for your BFF or even your sibling. Not only do they get a cool personalized gift, but you get brownie points for being extra thoughtful. Yay!



These are examples of the personalized cases. Pretty cool right? You can put anything on the cover! To do that, all you have to do is send a picture of your choice to the Kase’s email address and they will do a mock-up on the computer screen for you. And once you’re happy with the way it looks, all they have to do is digitally print it on. The whole process takes about 10-20 minutes, so you can even do it during your lunch break.



Natasha is loving the cute prints below. They would make a pretty cool fashion accessory!


Here are some of Natasha’s favorite designs:IMG_5444.PNG








We don’t know about you, our darling readers, but we think our SECOND best (the first being our loved ones of course!) companion (our mobile phones) – deserve to be dressed up once in a while. Perfect for the holiday season, we reckon (did someone say office Christmas party or New Year’s soiree?).


Oh, the Kase also has cases for iPads. Natasha likes this one in particular 🙂


So after spending an hour in the shop, Natasha finally walked out with two cases, one for her and one for Carmen who’s spending a bit of time in Hong Kong these days.


Ta-daaaa! Here’s what she bought. A personalized case with a picture of Natasha and her cheeky monkey of a daughter and a Survive Asia case, which has Carmen’s company logo on it. Oh yes, we forgot to mention that the personalized cases also make an awesome marketing tool for those business owners out there!


The Kase:

ION ORCHARD B2-27 (next to H&M)
2 Orchard Turn
238801 Singapore







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