Channeling our inner Carrie Bradshaw in Asos skirt

You know how some days you wake up and you say to yourself “I’m going to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw today!” – and no, we don’t mean the tutu-wearing Carrie, or the bird-feather-on-your-hair Carrie (although that’s cool if you want to dress that way, we’re not judging!). We mean the floral-skirt-and-pretty-yet-killer-stiletto kinda Carrie. Well, that’s how Natasha felt like today.

Immediately her eyes fell on her gorge Asos skirt that she bought a few months ago – for a mere SGD40! We love scouring for awesome beauty and fashion deals online, who doesn’t?! Oh, speaking of online deals, we must share this little secret with you – and trust us, we were contemplating on whether or not to let you in on our secret. We recently discovered amazeballs fashion and beauty items on CupoNation. We won’t say much because it will just spoil the fun, so just have a look yourself!



So, back to Carrie Bradshaw. Natasha decided to combine the skirt with the ever-so-reliable white shirt. A girl can never have too many white shirts (and jeans, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. etc. etc.). She chose her Malene Birger shirt, and her gorge brocade Schutz stilettos with jade embellishments on it (while silently chanting, please don’t rain, please don’t rain!). And a YSL clutch bag seemed like a good idea to complete the look. Can you please take a second to admire the beautiful shape of the Schutz heels? *collective sigh*


By the way, ballerina flats would’ve been just as cute – and way more comfortable, too. And to make the look more casual, put on a white t-shirt and add a wide belt to cinch the waist. Oh and a statement necklace would look amazing with the t-shirt. 




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