C&N ♥ Hermes Bags

First of all, can we start by drawing your attention to our new blog logo and header? Isn’t it gorgeous? Yay! We’re super happy with it because it really encapsulates us – Carmen and Natasha – and our demographic location! We’ve been meaning to do it for a while, so we’re super happy to have finally done it.

Secondly, we’re starting a new ‘series’ of blog posts called ‘C&N loves’ – which involves our top fashion pick of the week (okay it may not happen every week, lets be realistic!). The whole idea is Carmen wears that particular fashion pick in Hong Kong and Natasha does the same in Singapore. So this blog post is the first of such series!

Our pick for this post is our ever reliable Hermes bag. And no, not the Birkin or the Kelly. There’s time for everything, and it’s certainly not time for us to carry those lust-worthy bags.  Natasha’s go-to bag is her Hermes Evelyn bag in Jaipur and for Carmen, it’s her Hermes Garden Party bag in Etope. This bag goes with a lot of outfits and can fit a lot of things (and trust us when we say we always have heaps of junk that we dump in our handbags!).

So this is how Natasha’s outfit pairing:IMG_4590

Natasha can’t believe her luck when she saw the wedges at Nine West because the color was exactly identical with her bag!!!


And this is Carmen’s outfit combo:


Carmen is in love with her awesome Alexander McQueen for Puma pumps! Not only are they comfy, but they’re surprisingly versatile.

BeFunky_IMG_1179.jpgSo there you have it, our darling readers. Stay tuned for the next ‘C&N loves’ post 🙂




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