Hong Kong Fashion week: WORLD BOUTIQUE – Carmen’s favourite picks


World Boutique runs alongside the HK Trade Development Council’s Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. These two fashion fairs draw HUGE numbers of buyers from all over the world – so Carmen went to check out what all the fuss what about.

Firstly – awesome displays:

BeFunky__DSC0048.jpg BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2.jpg BeFunky__DSC0063.jpgBeFunky__DSC0113.jpgSecondly: fashion combining tech/electronics? Love it!

BeFunky__DSC0052.jpg BeFunky__DSC0055.jpg Thirdly: local fashion! Hong Kong designers  were also showcased, including Eri and Philip Chu (below):

BeFunky__DSC0056.jpg BeFunky__DSC0058.jpg   Some bigger brand names were also prevalent, including Marc Cain, Zalora, & Shanghai Tang.BeFunky__DSC0066.jpg BeFunky__DSC0067.jpg BeFunky__DSC0068.jpg Lastly – you could also shop at World Boutique! Check out some cool finds below:
  BeFunky__DSC0081.jpg BeFunky__DSC0082.jpg BeFunky__DSC0083.jpg BeFunky__DSC0085.jpg BeFunky__DSC0090.jpg BeFunky__DSC0092.jpg

Overall – a great experience for those who love fashion! It was fun to see what some local designers were up to.  The shopping was OK in the end (there was a serious mish mash of “bargain basement” sellers combined with wedding gowns and designer jewellery… and Carmen did leave empty handed…boo!) but we’d recommend visiting next year’s as the displays were worth seeing for themselves!



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