Japanese hair salon Covo, an awesome little hidden gem on Keong Saik Road!

NEWSFLASH! Natasha has found her favorite hair salon in Singapore and that is  a HUGE deal. Why? Firstly, she’s Indonesian. Many Indonesian women are obsessed with their hair. Like, obsessed. Secondly, she has had plenty of hair mishaps in Singapore – the kind she chose to bury deep inside her long-term memory bank. There have been emergency weekend trips to Jakarta because she had to save whatever was left to be saved of her tragic hair. Thirdly, the salon is not located in a mall, it’s located on one of Singapore’s hippest streets, Keong Saik Road. YAY! That means we can avoid that little impromptu “window shopping” moments that end up in “I have to buy these shoes, because they go perfectly with my new hair!”. And lastly, it’s Japanese. Who doesn’t like anything and everything Japanese? We do!

The name of this great hidden gem is Covo. If you can’t find it, look for the bright neon orange door with the writing KjStudio on top, which by the way is also owned by Covo. If you still can’t find it, then look for Potatohead because it’s approximately across the road from it.

You now know where to go if you’re having a super bad hair day, yet you’re heading out for a date night or dinner and drinks with your girlfriends. Pop by Covo for a quick blow dry and out you go to enjoy some yummy cocktails and dinner. Lucky for you they close at 8 pm!


IMG_2876Natasha loves the sleek and minimalist décor of this Japanese hair salon. No frills, yet speaks volume in quality.

IMG_3720Natasha went for a quick wash and blow dry and specifically requested for Covo’s senior hair stylist, Asako, because she’s amazing (not to mention pretty). She went to Covo two weeks ago to try out Ombre hair and loved the result!

She did it with such care and precision, not to mention the service quality in Covo is amazing. You don’t often get quality and great service at the same time, but Natasha’s experience at Covo was a really great one.

After having her hair washed, Asako asked if she can massage Natasha’s neck and shoulders. Seriously? I think she may have said yes a little too enthusiastically.

IMG_3587Feeling sheepish, Natasha apologized for having such big thick hair. To which, Asako laughed and said “don’t worry, you have beautiful hair” (thank you Asako, you sure know how to make a girl happy).

IMG_3719After air drying Natasha’s hair, she took out the most powerful straightening iron she could find (okay that part we made up), and straightened the crap out of Natasha’s frizzy, stubborn hair.


IMG_3610-0Then Natasha can finally breathe a sigh of huge relief, because her hair eventually became super decent as Asako showed her skills with the curling iron.


And voila! Awesome hair!!IMG_3716

IMG_3711-0Here’s some exciting news for our lovely readers!  From 3 February to 3 March, you can get a blow dry for $25 (u.p. $35), 20% off Covo hair services for first timers (applicable on service only, not on Covo product purchases). Simply say Carmen and Natasha to get the discount.


      IMG_3722One more thing worth mentioning is that Covo is currently collaborating with ePloof!  – which is a super cute kids online shop selling high quality toys from around the globe. To all the mamas out there and also to the friends of mamas, the toys make an excellent gift idea. It’s definitely worth checking out!

COVO Hair Salon, 43 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089147 (Near Outram Park MRT), (+65) 6221 4585, www.covosg.com/english/index.html

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat & Sun, PH 10am-7pm


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