C&N ♥ black and white

We’re always trying think of new locations to snap pictures for our upcoming blog posts, and after a few cups of coffee, we finally hit a lightbulb moment – Haji Lane and Arab Street!

We love this little neighborhood – although parking can be a bit of a nightmare after lunchtime. It’s definitely becoming more hipster with all the cute little boutiques, cafes and restaurants. This area has so much character and we love exploring the little alleys to find hidden treasures (read: cute background for our blog or Instagram pics).

There are so many cool graffiti on the walls of Haji Lane, the one in the picture above was done by Oak and Bindi, a local illustrator which reads ‘this is not your practice life. this is all there is’. In fact, that exact illustration can be found on Lululemon Singapore’s limited edition tank.

We’re seeing a lot of black and white this season, and we love this all-time classic color combo. We decided To play it up a little by combining different patterns and textures. Natasha wore her Forever New embellished top, Kate Spade houndstooth full-skirt, combined with her ever-so-comfy Pedder Red black and white striped wedges. Carmen wore her Maje strappy heels, with a gorgeous flowy and ultra feminine polka dot dress, and topped off the look with beautiful pair of earrings and a laser-cut grey bag by a Taiwanese designer, Jamei Chen.

After two hours of walking around in the sun, and laughing over silly things (hey, laughing burns a lot of energy!) we decided to call it a day and head to Mrs. Pho, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the area. How cute is the restaurant’s décor! It reminds us of sitting on the roadside somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City (minus the pollution and motorbikes, that is!).


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