Frizzy hair no more after my Keratin treatment

I’ve always had to deal with my thick, unruly, frizzy, wavy hair for as long as I can remember. I spend 60 minutes on average to blow dry my hair to transform it into a decent, cascading natural waves that women often envy. That’s a LOT of minutes, especially when you have an active toddler constantly seeking your attention.

Living in Singapore has not been easy, because being Indonesian, I’ve always been spoiled by cheap salons and my miracle workers that turned my hair from a huge mess to a huge YES!

I decided to put an end to it by going to Covo,  my favorite salon in Singapore and I was excited to meet Shinobu, one of its new hair stylists because they’re super skilled and meticulous when it comes to any hair treatments. Oh and they’re patient with my thick mane! If you think I’m exaggerating, let the picture below speak for itself. 🙂

I chose Keratin over rebounding because I still want the volume without the frizz, and keratin allows me to do that. Rebonding leaves your hair utterly flat and that’s a big NO NO for me. After Shinobu ‘assessed’ my hair, she then washed it and so began my three-hour hair transformation journey.
  Remember my two previous blog posts about ombre hair some months ago? Although the result was amaze balls, it kinda left my hair a tad on the dry side – it doesn’t help that my hair is very dry to begin with!
  Shinobu put the keratin mix into my hair, which can be customized according to your hair texture by the way which is great because everyone’s hair is very different.After she left it on for half an hour or so, she then straightened my hair whilst leaving the treatment in my hair, so she didn’t rinse my hair at all. She straightened it with a special hair straightener especially for keratin treatment.

After my hair was straightened, I had to have it washed and that marked the last step of my Keratin treatment. Below is the end result after more of Shinobu’s magic touch with a curling iron. The whole treatment took three hours because.. yup you guessed it.. I have a LOT of hair. 
  Keratin treatment can last anywhere between 3-6 months and I decided to buy the whole range of after-care goodies to make sure it lasts because Singapore’s humidity does a lot of damage to your hair.

IMG_3649I’m loving my hair so far because my hair is a lot more versatile now. I can still have my waves…
Or I can have it straight like this. Most importantly, it now takes me ten minutes to do my hair instead of sixty minutes!