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An Aussie girl who is originally from Sydney, but has lived in London and Singapore, and recently moved to Hong Kong. She also co-founded www.survive-asia.com, an online store selling great quality products that help you survive living in Asia (the kind that prevents frizzy hair and melting make-up) and don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Favourite International fashion brands: Alice&Olivia, Sandro, Club Monaco, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, 7 for all mankind

Favourite Asian fashion brands: Shanghai Tang, Hansel, NoBeing, Ade.G jewellery, Jourdan

Fashion style: A bit all over the place which probably comes from living in so many different places with different styles…. sometimes I like to wear very simple clean lines such as a classic black dress or white shirt with jeans, yet on other days I like to go completely crazy and wacky with fun Asian prints & bright colours or even vintage florals! It just depends on my mood for the day.

Major obsession: Skincare…. achieving flawless skin without requiring makeup is a pretty big obsession right now.

An Indonesian girl who has lived in Germany, America and Australia and is now living in Singapore. She did a four-year stint in the MarComm department of a Swiss private bank, but bid farewell to the corporate world for now after the birth of her daughter. She decided to go back to two of her passion, writing and fashion – which is why this blog is her pride and joy.

Favourite fashion brands: Kate Spade, Finders Keepers, Alannah Hill, Sandro, Alice & Olivia, Magali Pascal

Favourite Asian fashion brands: In Good Company, Hansel, Biyan, Aijek

Fashion style: Being a Gemini through and through means I have two different styles that I equally rely on. One is the classic pieces with clean silhouette, with a touch of glam – boy do I love my stilettos! The other is feminine and totes girly, I have many florals and other prints in the wardrobe in pastels and bright colors.  The third is more badass, leather pants and skirt are part of my wardrobe staple. Wait, is that 3 styles altogether? Oh well.

Major obsession: Achieving gorgeous looking wavy hair everyday despite running after my active toddler and living in a country that has pretty much 80% humidity all year round!!!!

Individually, we’re total opposites. Carmen is spontaneous, Natasha refuses the existence of the word in the English language. Carmen can travel solo. Natasha can’t even eat alone. Carmen loves the natural makeup look, Natasha brings on the red lippy and mascara at anytime of the day. You get the point. Put both of us together, we’re match made in blogging heaven!

One day, after catching up on our lives over dinner and a tall glass of beer (it’s usually wine, but hey…. who’s judging?!), we decided to write a blog about beauty and fashion and awesome events happening around town.

For business and advertising enquiries: please contact carmenandnatasha@mail.com

Thanks for stopping by our blog, and feel free to follow us!

Carmen & Natasha 



19 thoughts on “About us

  1. absolutely LOVE the blog!! I’m trying to get up to this level girls 🙂 Natasha — cannot waiit for mahua’s wedding!

  2. Hey, Natasha and Carmen
    It was so cool to see you guys in actcion! You ladies are so gorgeous, show your face in the photo shooting!!! 🙂
    I so share your passion, look forward to great photos and meet ups!

  3. Looks like I’m the only one with a pair of XY chromosomes instead of XX’s, but that’s cool by me. Not much of a fashionista & have no clue abt beauty stuff. But I like the way you’ve created this little online corner.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, currently buzzing about Singapore!

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