It was Carmen’s first time at Clockenflap (THE music festival in Hong Kong) – and what a heady one it was! A myriad of music, art, fashion, food, and did anyone else see the robots that danced to the UK TV theme show The Apprentice? I bet some of those robots are more clever than some of the contestants… but moving on.

The focus of this blog is more tilted towards fashion, so let’s talk about that. The overwhelming theme of festival fashion is flannel shirts and Clockenflap this year did not disappoint… HOWEVER there were some people that really went all out with their fashion, and here are the faves;

BeFunky_null_4.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1312.jpg BeFunky_null_1.jpg BeFunky_null_122.jpg BeFunky_null_126.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1328.jpg BeFunky_IMG_1333.jpg


Fashion stalls were also rocking on the day. 

Probably the coolest t-shirt of all time below.


And then the coolest shoes! These were hand drawn and limited edition of Nike Air’s – Carmen’s absolute favourite fashion pick.

You could also get fresh flower hairbands at the festival where they mixed real and fake flowers to create creative headpieces! BeFunky_null_94.jpg

An ingenious fashion accessory below – these garters contain sneaky pockets to stash your valuables which are great for those who travel, go clubbing or are festival goers and just wanna dance freely!
BeFunky_IMG_1301.jpgSuper lightweight (and funky) sunglasses:

What did Carmen wear? Well she changed THREE TIMES in the morning thanks to the weather being all cray cray (it went from sunny to cloudy to argh nooo it’s not going to rain is it or is it?!)

First outfit change: 

Second outfit change – more boho chic:BeFunky_null_389.jpg

Final outfit selected (because it was definitely going to rain): jeans are from C.Wonder, tee from Bangkok and sneaks are McQueen for Puma.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.01.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.02.04 PM


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