Shades of ombre at Covo Hair Salon

Here’s the thing about having your hair colored once – especially if you love the result – you want to keep doing it again and again. You always want it to be darker, lighter, more red, more blonde, more brown, you get the point. Natasha did ombre hair back in February and by April, she was itching to go back to try a lighter color. Since her awesome hairstylist, Asako, from Covo hair salon did such a fantastic job, she went back to have her hair done again. Yes, it’s addictive. We did a blog post on Covo a while back, whereby Natasha was excited to find a place that can perfectly do what she calls a ‘Indonesian style blow-dry’. To refresh your memory, Covo is a Japanese hair salon located in two locations, one on Keong Saik Road, the other on Tanjong Pagar Road. The salon on Tanjong Pagar is smaller than the one on Keong Saik, but more convenient because it’s close to the MRT station. It’s literally next to Tippling Club, so it’s super easy to find. So, as we were saying, Natasha came back to try a lighter shade of ombre and was super excited to see the result. But first, a quick reminder of what her hair looked like before she had it done. Ta-daaaa! As you can see, the top half was still quite dark, she had the bottom half bleached once. Natasha asked for Asako again, because she’s super awesome. She listens, YES a hairstylist who actually listens and does what you ask them to do! Asako carefully assessed Natasha’s hair and after a brief consultation, Natasha decided to bleach her hair for the second time to go lighter. Hey, if you can’t see the result, what’s the point? That’s what we think anyway. Go bold, or go home, With three magazines by her side, Natasha was ready. Ready for a three-hour wait. And yes, that’s what happens when you have Indonesian hair, you have a LOT of hair. What we like about Covo is the small details – quintessentially Japanese. At Covo, they give you a glass filled with lolls, and a small bowl to put your jewelry in. We always end up putting our jewelry in the inside pocket of our handbag, which is dangerous for forgetful busy bees like us. Another small detail at Covo is that the hairstylist covers your eyes when you have your hair washed. How thoughtful is that! No awkward moments where you kinda don;t know whether to keep your eyes open or closed – you know what we’re talking about! Here’s Natasha getting a hair treatment. The result is amazing! Natasha’s hair is naturally frizzy, curly and quite coarse in texture. This hair treatment relaxes the hair and it lasts for at least 2-3 washes. Three hours, two lollies (ok, make that 5 or six) later, the moment of truth has finally come. Ta-daaaa! Needless to say, Natasha is a one happy camper with the result. the bottom half is light enough for it to be noticeable, the top part is still natural looking, but you can definitely see that it’s much lighter than the first ombre. Yayyyy, once again, bravo Asako! Here’s a closer look at Natasha’s new awesome ombre! Covo hair salon: Keong Saik branch 43 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089147 Phone: 6221 4585 Tanjong Pagar branch 32 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088453 Phone: 6225 9706


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