Shoes @ Far East Plaza: Mimosa

For shoes at Far East Plaza (on Scotts Road), we recommend going up to level 3 and heading to a store called Mimosa.

Mimosa at Far East Plaza (level 3)

Their collections are typically sourced from Hong Kong and Guanzghou in China, but we must admit the quality of the shoes is pretty decent, especially for the prices you are paying (most shoes we saw were between the prices of SGD20- SGD35). And the shoes don’t smell funny (they do in some of the other stores – yuk!).

Sandals with a difference – Carmen tried the ones on the left and they looked fantastic! Price: SGD19.90
Cute ballet pumps at Mimosa generally range from SGD20 – 25 each.
Covet brand is also available at Mimosa (owned by the same people). We loved these shoes as they would look so perfect with dark denim jeans…
… Or wear them with brightly coloured jeans!
These ballet pumps are super comfortable and we like the imprinted design to shake things up a little!
Close up of that gorgeous design! Another ballet pump that would look fantastic with any coloured denim or black trousers. These would make great walking shoes to get you to work (and then you can swap for your heels around the office!)
Loving these lace up shoes, and for only SGD19.90 you can’t really go wrong! Try pairing with white jeans or shorts and a pretty pastel top.
So many different styles are available – Mimosa is the place to go for ballet pumps!



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